About me


photo of CJ Smith, Cassie Smith, Cassie-Joseph Smith

Professional Background

I am a qualified Integrative Psychotherapist. I am registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and am held to their high ethical and professional standards. I trained at the LGBT Foundation in Manchester and currently volunteer for MIND.

My counselling and psychotherapeutic work is informed by my 14 years of work experience providing emotional and practical support to people and communities, with a particular focus on supporting those who are socially marginalised. Alongside my therapeutic practice, I currently work as a Trans Advocacy Officer at the LGBT Foundation in Manchester. Prior to this, I have experience working as a helpline worker, mental health mentor, disability support worker and youth worker in diverse LGBT Charity and University settings.  You can find full details of my qualifications, placements and work experience in the side bar to the right.

My Motivation and Values

I have a strong calling towards therapeutic work, particuarly work with marginalised people. I am motivated by:

  • A strong commitment to social justice from a queer, feminist and intersectional perspective. You can find out more here.

  • A passion for stories and language. i enjoy listening to other people and understanding how they make meaning out of their lives.

  • A committment to supporting others to find clarity, happiness and purpose in their lives. Supporting others brings a deeper sense of purpose and meaning to my own life.  I firmly believe in the benefits which grounded awareness and compassion can bring about both on an individual and collective level. Although my practice is secular, it is influenced by my faith practice as a Buddhist.

  • An intersectional approach. I am aware of my own privilege and the need to constantly develop my understanding and challenge the limits of my perspective, in order to truly meet my clients in their experiences.


Professional Experience

  • April 2018- currently- Trans Advocacy Officer, The LGBT Foundation

  • May 2019- Currently- Volunteer Counsellor, MIND Young People’s Service (YASP)

  • October 2018- March 2019 -Volunteer Counsellor, the LGBT Foundation

  • September 2016- April 2018- Helpline Worker, The LGBT Foundation

  • June 2016- July 2018 Youth Group Volunteer, Gendered Intelligence

  • February 2012- September 2012, Helpline Worker, Broken Rainbow

  • October 2012-June 2014, Mental Health Mentor, University College London

  • March 2003- March 2004, Helpline Volunteer, Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline


  • 2018: Post- graduate Diploma, Integrative Psychotherapy, University of Central Lancashire, Distinction

  • 2011: Master of the Arts, Sexual Dissidence in Literature and Culture, University of Sussex, Distinction

  • 2006: Certificate, Counselling Skills (level 3), Manchester Adult Education Service, pass

  • 2005: Certificate, Counselling Skills (level 2), Manchester Adult Education Service, pass

  • 2002: Bachelor of the Arts, Literary Studies and Sciences (Psychology), University of Manchester, 2:1

Training and Continuing Professional Development

  • 2017 : Safeguarding Everyone, Child Abuse awareness Virtual college

    Adult Safeguarding Basic Awareness, Salford CVS

    Responsible for Information (Data Protection Training) Civil Service Learning Course

  • 2018: Suicide Prevention Awareness, Whythenshawe Hospital Trust

    Advocacy Training, Advonet