Cost per session

I charge a sliding scale of £35-£55/ session depending on your income and circumstances. This can be discussed during the ‘taster’ session or first session. I do not ask questions about or ask for proof of income. However, please pay what is appropriate to your income- this enables me to make my service accessible to those who need it. I offer fortnightly as well as weekly sessions, and this may be a more accessible option for those on a low income. I reserve a limited number of ‘solidarity slots’* for people who identify in one or more of the following ways- as trans, non-binary, gender diverse, disabled and/ or a person of colour, who would otherwise not have been able to afford therapy. These slots are offered at £15/ session. I make this offer because people from these groups tend to be more economically disadvantaged.

*Please note these solidarity/ low cost slots are currently full. However, you are welcome to get in touch to have your name put on a waiting list for one.


How to Pay

I accept payment by cash or paypal.


Fee Structure

As a rule of thumb you should aim to pay 1/1000th of your yearly salary plus £15 per session.

Yearly Salary Fee per session

<£20,000 £15 ‘solidarity slot’ may be available/ fortnightly sessions are available

£20-25,000 £35

£25-30,000 £40

£30-35,000 £45

£35-40,000 £50

£40,000 + £55 plus at your discretion

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