lgbtq+ Work and Background


My Background in LGBTQ+ Work and Activism

For the past 16 years I have been involved in work and activist projects supporting LGBTQ+ people and communities. This has ranged from helping out at cafes, to running book groups, to staffing helplines. Through my experience working as a helpline worker and trans advocacy officer at the LGBT Foundation I have a well-rounded understanding of the range of issues which impact LGBTQ+ people and communities mental health and wellbeing, as well as their safety. I also have a good understanding of the landscape of LGBTQ+ and other support organisations available to provide help when needed.

LGBTQ and My Therapy Work

Time and again in my work I have heard LGBTQ+ clients report that they have felt ‘missed’ by previous, non LGBTQ+ affirmative therapists, and that genuinely affirming therapeutic support for people whose gender identity, sexual orientation or relationship styles sit outside social norms can be hard to come by. I hope to address that lack through my work.

One of my main inspirations for becoming a trans affirmative therapist was that, in the face of social and medical narratives which can be pathologising and reductive, I feel passionate about supporting trans, gender diverse and non-binary people find more nuanced, authentic and helpful ways of articulating their personal and our shared experiences. I am also interested in promoting self-care and collective care in order to strengthen trans activist communities.


My Personal Identity

I identify as trans masculine, queer and non-binary. I am white and able-bodied