What I Offer

Why therapy?

There are many reasons why you may find yourself here. Each client brings their own experiences and motivations for seeking therapy. Perhaps you want to understand your emotional responses better, bring about change in your behaviour, improve your relationships or explore what brings meaning to your life. Whatever you want out of therapy, taking time and space to reflect, and feeling heard by a supportive listening ear, can be immensely beneficial.


My approach


My Experience

I am a professionally qualified and BACP registered Integrative Psychotherapist. I work in a person-centred, integrative, inclusive and relational way.

What this means is that:

  • As a Person-Centred therapist I place the needs, wishes and beliefs of you, the client, at the centre of our therapeutic work together and work with where you are at at the present time

  • As an Integrative therapist I am trained in a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches which address different ‘layers’ or aspects of experience. I draw on these approaches flexibly, as appropriate to the needs of you, the client

  • As an Inclusive Therapist I strive work in an LGBT+ affirmative, accessible and intersectional way

  • As a Relational therapist, rather than seeing you, the client, as an Island, I strive to understand your experience in terms of the therapeutic relationship between us and how this might mirror other relationships in your life

Whatever you bring to the sessions, I am committed to working in an empathic, non-judgemental and professionally informed way to support you.

You can find out more about what the terms in bold mean by looking up the glossary.

I have experience of working with clients from a diverse range of backgrounds. I have experience of working with a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression; grief and trauma; shame; assertiveness, confidence and self-esteem; anger management; relationship issues including divorce and break ups; navigating parent/ child relationships (as both a child and a parent); work and career related issues; discrimination and abuse including domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse and bullying; coming out; exploring one’s gender identity and /or sexual orientation and/or sexual and intimate relationship style; gender dysphoria; navigating non-binary identities; dealing with social transition as a trans and/ or non-binary/ gender diverse person; minority stress; body dysmorphia; body image; fatphobia; suicidal ideation; self-harm; hearing voices; personality ‘disorders’; being on the autistic spectrum; spirituality; and seeking asylum.

My Availability

My normal working hours are posted at the bottom of this page under the section entitled ‘availability’


Cost per session

You can find out more about my fees here.



I do not work with people who are already working with another counsellor or psychotherapist

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